[Renal hydatid cysts: our experience].

  title={[Renal hydatid cysts: our experience].},
  author={J V G{\'o}nzalez de Mata and J A de la Torre P{\'e}rez and J Rosell S{\'a}nchez-Largo and F E Herranz Ceballos},
  journal={Actas urologicas espanolas},
  volume={15 1},
Retrospective review of r.h.c. (renal hydatid cysts) cases, since the opening of our hospital in March 1974 through December 1989. Four cases diagnosed with r.h.c., aged between 11 and 58 years, out of a total 15,700 patients seen in this centre throughout that time are presented. Emphasis is made on the rarity of this condition in spite of it being endemic in this area. The variety of its clinical forms together with the youth of two of the patients, have encouraged us to review, and make an… CONTINUE READING