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[Renal allograft rupture: case report and bibliographic review].

  title={[Renal allograft rupture: case report and bibliographic review].},
  author={Juan Francisco Galiano Baena and Enrique Herrero Polo and Juan Pablo Caballero Romeu and Carla P{\'e}rez Tom{\'a}s and Antonio Miguel Pelluch Auladell and Juan Jos{\'e} Lobato Encinas},
  journal={Archivos espanoles de urologia},
  volume={66 6},
OBJECTIVE To improve the knowledge about complications of renal transplantation and, in particular, graft rupture. METHODS Case report and literature review. OUTCOME We present the case of a 37 year-old patient receiving a second renal transplant. In the third postoperative day, he suffered an abrupt change from the correct evolution, with intense pain in the left iliac fossa (the side of the implant) and hemodynamic instability. Imaging tests suggested retroperitoneal collection and… CONTINUE READING

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