[Reference values of proteins for the Venezuelan population].

  title={[Reference values of proteins for the Venezuelan population].},
  author={Marisa Guerra and Mar{\'i}a N Hern{\'a}ndez and Michelle A Lopez and Mar{\'i}a de Jes{\'u}s Alfaro},
  journal={Archivos latinoamericanos de nutricion},
  volume={63 4},
This study presents the reference values for protein requirements. The consumption of the Venezuelan population was obtained according to the Food Consumption Monitoring Survey (ESCA) 2010-2012. The diet provided good quality proteins, combining animal and vegetable foods in an approximate ratio of 1:1. The reference values were calculated based on the safe levels of protein intake recommended by WHO/FAO/UN 2007, with an adjustment for protein supply depending on age, weight, and contribution… CONTINUE READING