[Recurrent cerebrovascular insult--manifestation of POEMS syndrome?].

  title={[Recurrent cerebrovascular insult--manifestation of POEMS syndrome?].},
  author={Alan M. Forster and Ren{\'e} M{\"u}ri},
  journal={Schweizerische medizinische Wochenschrift},
  volume={128 26},
The POEMS syndrome is a multisystem disorder characterised by polyneuropathy, organomegaly endocrinopathy, plasma cell dyscrasia and skin changes. Along with many further manifestations this rare syndrome may also include macroangiopathy and acute vascular obliteration. In the literature such vascular problems have received only little attention and most case reports refer to involvement of the coronary and lower limb arteries. To our knowledge, the association with recurrent strokes has not… CONTINUE READING
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