[Recurrent bilateral shoulder hand syndrome induced by phenobarbital].


Algodystrophy syndrome is characterized by pain, vasomotor disorders and/or trophic skin changes, without laboratory signs of inflammation. Among the etiological factors of this syndrome (trauma, cerebrovascular accident, diabetes mellitus...), iatrogenic ones including phenobarbital can be observed. We report a case of phenobarbital induced recurrent… (More)


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@article{Hamza2003RecurrentBS, title={[Recurrent bilateral shoulder hand syndrome induced by phenobarbital].}, author={Salma Hamza and Zohra Hassen and M H{\'e}di Loueslati and M N{\'e}jib Toghourti and Chelbi Belkahia and Mohsen Hamza}, journal={La Tunisie medicale}, year={2003}, volume={81 9}, pages={743-6} }