[Recommendations for the choice of inhalatory systems for drug prescription].

  title={[Recommendations for the choice of inhalatory systems for drug prescription].},
  author={Thomas H Voshaar and E M App and Dietrich Berdel and R. Buhl and J{\'a}nos Fischer and Tobias Gessler and Peter M Haidl and Joachim Heyder and Dieter K{\"o}hler and Martin Kohlh{\"a}ufl and Claus Michael Lehr and Hermann Lindemann and Heinrich Matthys and Torsten Meyer and Horst Olschewski and Kenneth D. Paul and K Rabe and Friedhart Raschke and Gerhard Scheuch and Thomas Schmehl and Gerhard Schultze-Werninghaus and Dieter Ukena and Heinrich Worth},
  volume={55 12},

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