[Radiosensitivity of stromal mechanocytes in human bone marrow and spleen].

  title={[Radiosensitivity of stromal mechanocytes in human bone marrow and spleen].},
  author={S K Khoptynskaia and Antonina I Kolesnikova and A. G. Konopliannikov and Vyacheslav V Pavlov and G D Baĭsogolov},
  journal={Meditsinskaia radiologiia},
  volume={29 6},
The monolayer cultivation of the bone marrow and spleen from patients with Hodgkin's disease was done. The content of stromal precursor cells (CFU-F) varies significantly in the human spleen (1.2-26.4 per each 10(6) incubated in the culture of nucleated cells) and is approximately one order lower than in the bone marrow (2.1-53.8 per 10(5) myelokaryocytes). During exposure to 60Co gamma-rays the values of a mean lethal cell dose (D0) for splenic CFU-F proved to be higher (2.03 +/- 0.17 Gy) than… CONTINUE READING

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