[Radio-anatomic study of the angle of origin of dysplastic renal arteries].

  title={[Radio-anatomic study of the angle of origin of dysplastic renal arteries].},
  author={Jean Marc Garcier and B Macheda and T. Therre and Christian Privat and Nessim Perez and Anne Ravel and Jean François Viallet and Guy Vanneuville and Louis Boyer},
  journal={Journal de radiologie},
  volume={80 9},
PURPOSE To compare the angulation at the origin of dysplastic renal arteries compared to atherosclerotic renal arteries, in order to improve the technique for percutaneous transluminal angioplasty of FMD. MATERIALS AND METHODS Retrospective analysis of 40 aortograms in patients who underwent renal angioplasty for dysplastic stenosis, with comparison with 45 control aortograms (with or without atherosclerotic lesions of the renal arteries). The angle of implantation of the renal arteries was… CONTINUE READING