[Pyrazole sulfanilamides. XV. Nitroderivatives of 1-phenyl-4-sulfanilamidopyrazole].

  title={[Pyrazole sulfanilamides. XV. Nitroderivatives of 1-phenyl-4-sulfanilamidopyrazole].},
  author={Chiara Alberti and C A Tironi and F Bainotti and G Deleide},
  journal={Il Farmaco; edizione scientifica},
  volume={32 2},
The research on the change of antibacterial activity due to the introduction of a nitro group in the benzene nucleus linked at the heterocyclic nitrogen of N-phenylsulfanilamidopyrazoles is continued with the preparation of 1-(2'-nitrophenyl)-4-sulfanilamidopyrazole (IIa: -NO2 in 2'; R=-H), 1-(3'-nitrophenyl)-4-sulfanilamidopyrazole (IIb: -NO2 in 3'; R=-H… CONTINUE READING