[Pyeloduodenal fistula. Apropos of a new case].


A pyelo duodenal fistula is rarely observed although anatomical relations between the high urinary tract and digestive tractus are closed. The authors report here a new observation of pyelo-duodenal fistula and make correlations with the 73 observations published in mondial literature. Spontaneous fistulas from urinary etiology are the most frequent. This… (More)


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@article{Hode1990PyeloduodenalFA, title={[Pyeloduodenal fistula. Apropos of a new case].}, author={Elisabeth Hode and Carmen Josse and M Mechaouri and Laure Garnier and Pieter-Paul Verhaeghe}, journal={Journal de chirurgie}, year={1990}, volume={127 5}, pages={281-5} }