[Psychosomatic stress factors in compensated and decompensated tinnitus].

  title={[Psychosomatic stress factors in compensated and decompensated tinnitus].},
  author={Corinna Stobik and Rainer K. Weber and Thomas F M{\"u}nte and J{\"o}rg Frommer},
  journal={Psychotherapie, Psychosomatik, medizinische Psychologie},
  volume={53 8},
AIMS In modern medical practice, chronic decompensated tinnitus is defined as a complex psychosomatic process in which mental and social factors are considered to have a determining effect on the patient's subjective response to the impairment of otological or other somatic functions attributed to tinnitus. What is still largely unknown is the interaction of the individual factors and their impact on the patient's ability to cope with tinnitus. The impact of psycho-social and somatic factors on… CONTINUE READING