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[Psoriasis therapy with fumaric acid and fumaric acid esters].

  title={[Psoriasis therapy with fumaric acid and fumaric acid esters].},
  author={W. Raab},
  journal={Zeitschrift fur Hautkrankheiten},
  volume={59 10},
  • W. Raab
  • Published 1984
  • Medicine
  • Zeitschrift fur Hautkrankheiten
Fumaric acid may not be regarded as an antipsoriatic drug. Beneficial effects on psoriatic lesions may be explained by secondary changes such as the acidification of gastric juice in cases of anacidity or hypacidity . Monoethylfumarate exerts true antipsoriatic activities but is by far too toxic for clinical use. Experimental investigations have confirmed an inhibitory action of the above-mentioned fumarate on nucleic acid synthesis and protein synthesis of PHA-stimulated human lymphocytes. 
Fumaric acid esters in the management of psoriasis
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