[Proposal of revised criteria for malignant rheumatoid arthritis].

  title={[Proposal of revised criteria for malignant rheumatoid arthritis].},
  author={Hiroshi Hashimoto and Takashi Abe and Masashi Nobunaga and Hidezo Yoshizawa and Masahisa Kyogoku and Yasuo Mishima},
  journal={Ryumachi. [Rheumatism]},
  volume={29 4},
The diagnostic criteria for malignant rheumatoid arthritis (MRA), which was proposed by the Research Group of MRA and periarteritis nodosa supported from the Ministry of Health and Welfare has been widely used since 1973. This diagnostic criteria was established for selecting RA patients with life-threatening extraarticular manifestations caused by vasculitis. However, in practice, RA patients with extraarticular involvements related to vasculitis, as well as, cases which were not related to… CONTINUE READING