[Professional stress and development of stress-induced hypertension].


AIM OF THE STUDY to elucidate rates of development of arterial hypertension (AH) at working place (wp), risk factors of cardiovascular diseases (CVD), anxiety depressive disorders in persons with professional stress. We carried out monitoring of arterial pressure during working hours and hours of rest, assessed risk factors of CVD development, and evaluated… (More)


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@article{Antropova2009ProfessionalSA, title={[Professional stress and development of stress-induced hypertension].}, author={O N Antropova and I V Osipova and G. I. Simonova and E N Vorob'eva and N V Pyrikova and A G Zal'tsman}, journal={Kardiologiia}, year={2009}, volume={49 6}, pages={27-30} }