[Primary hepatic apudoma with serotonin syndrome].

  title={[Primary hepatic apudoma with serotonin syndrome].},
  author={B. A. Grigor'ev and Z D Kuznetsova},
  journal={Arkhiv patologii},
  volume={51 4},
Primary hepatic apudoma associated with serotonin syndrome was recorded in a man of 55 followed up for 6 years. Clinically, there was a progressive enlargement of the liver with varicosis of venae subcutaneae abdominis and venae esophageae. There were also weak signs of carcinoid syndrome. The patient died of acute venous esophageal hemorrhage. The tumor, represented by white dense cystic tissue, was nearly encapsulated and involved almost the whole liver. Histologically, there were monomorphic… CONTINUE READING