[Presternal verrucous carcinoma].


Verrucous carcinomas represent rare, highly differentiated variants of squamous cell carcinoma. They preferentially develop on the oropharyngeal mucosa (Ackerman tumor), the urogenital mucosa (Buschke-Loewenstein tumors), and the soles of the feet (epitheliomata cuniculata). Various synonyma have been coined for these tumors. We report the uncommon… (More)


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@article{Schoen2000PresternalVC, title={[Presternal verrucous carcinoma].}, author={M. P. Schoen and Th Heisterkamp and C. Ahrens and Mohamed E. Megahed and Thomas Ruzicka}, journal={Der Hautarzt; Zeitschrift fur Dermatologie, Venerologie, und verwandte Gebiete}, year={2000}, volume={51 10}, pages={766-9} }