[Presentation of Crohn's disease with esophageal involvement].

  title={[Presentation of Crohn's disease with esophageal involvement].},
  author={Pilar L{\'o}pez Serrano and V{\'i}ctor F Moreira Vicente and S Alem{\'a}n Villanueva and Manuel V{\'a}zquez Romero and Clara Redondo},
  journal={Gastroenterologia y hepatologia},
  volume={24 9},
Inflammatory bowel disease basically consists of two entities: ulcerative colitis (UC) and Crohn's disease (CD). Both processes are characterized by chronic inflammation of the intestine, which in the case of CD may affect the entire digestive tract. We present the case of a young man who was diagnosed with esophageal CD after presenting dysphagia and… CONTINUE READING