[Prescription guidebook for temozolomide usage in brain tumors].

  title={[Prescription guidebook for temozolomide usage in brain tumors].},
  author={Patrick R Tilleul and M{\'e}lanie Brignone and Yasmine Hassani and Luc Taillandier and Sophie Taillibert and S. Cartalat-carel and Isabelle Borget and Olivier Louis Chinot},
  journal={Bulletin du cancer},
  volume={96 5},
Malignant gliomas are the most frequent primary brain tumors in adults. Temozolomide is an oral alkylating cytotoxic agent of second generation, used in the treatment of high-grade gliomas. It is indicated in newly diagnosed glioblastoma multiform as well as in recurrent or progressive malignant gliomas, such as glioblastoma multiform or anaplastic astrocytoma. However, temozolomide is also used, off label, in other clinical situations and the main objective of this study was to establish… CONTINUE READING