[Pramipexole in Parkinson disease. Results of a treatment observation].

  title={[Pramipexole in Parkinson disease. Results of a treatment observation].},
  author={Heinz Reichmann and Hans Michael Brecht and P. H. Kraus and Matthias R. Lemke},
  journal={Der Nervenarzt},
  volume={73 8},
Pramipexole is a novel, internationally available selective nonergot D2 dopamine agonist. The effectiveness, tolerability, and safety of pramipexole have been extensively proven in controlled trials in patients in the early and advanced stage of Parkinson's disease as monotherapy and in combination with L dopa. These trials indicated specific activity against tremor, anhedonia, and depression. Therefore, the present prospective, multicenter postmarketing surveillance study evaluated for the… CONTINUE READING
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