[Posttranslational deamidation of crystalline lens proteins during animal aging].

  title={[Posttranslational deamidation of crystalline lens proteins during animal aging].},
  author={A A Krichevskaia and Alexander I Lukash and Nataliya Pushkina and I V Shepotinovskaia and K B Sherstnev},
  journal={Nauchnye doklady vysshei shkoly. Biologicheskie nauki},
The amide content of total proteins and protein fractions (alpha-, beta-, gamma-cristallins and albuminoid) from cortex and nuclear lens zones of cattle has been investigated. The amide content in proteins of cortex and nuclear lens of young animals (1,5-2 years old) is the same. The decrease of the amide content in the proteins of nuclear lenz zone of old animals (6-12 years old) is due to fraction of readily hydrolysed amides. The data obtained prove the posttranslational desamidation of lens… CONTINUE READING

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