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[Postpartum blues syndrome].

  title={[Postpartum blues syndrome].},
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Maternity Blues: A Narrative Review

Clinicians should know MB and be aware of its potential evolutions in order to offer the most timely and effective evidence-based care, and all major clinical aspects are offered.

Postpartum mood disorders

This paper reviews the literature on the diagnosis and treatment of mood disorders in the post partum period: postpartum blues, postpartums depression and postpartUM psychosis.

Psychological conditions in pregnancy and the puerperium and their relevance to postpartum sterilization: a review.

The present paper reviews major research findings in the perinatal field and relates them to results of selected studies of female sterilization, focusing on psychological disturbances in the postpartum period, but changes during pregnancy, as well as disturbances in postnatal sexuality and menstruation are also discussed.


The symptom patterns seen in this study may be of use in devising a standard diagnostic tool specific for blues, and validated appropriately after extensive research on larger samples of population.

The Risks Associated With Maternal Antidepressant Use During the Prenatal and Postnatal Stages of Development

  • J. Stolzer
  • Medicine
    Ethical Human Psychology and Psychiatry
  • 2010
The goal of this article is to offer a scientifically sound alternative to the current medical model’s definition and treatment of maternal depression and to explore the historical, neurological, hormonal, familial, political, economical, and cultural correlates that have been associated with maternal depression in the United States.

Early adverse emotional response to childbirth in Turkey: The impact of maternal attachment styles and family support

Maternal attachment patterns, living with the extended family and existence of family support have an important impact on early post partum emotional adaptation and early intervention strategies should count towards these individual and contextual factors when designing screening and preventive interventions for postpartum depression.

The specific maternal characteristics under investigation are the mother ' s perception of her infant , her emotional state , and her knowledge of the in fluences on child development

Although relationships have been found between maternal psychological characteristics and cognitive and emotional outcomes in children, the behaviors which may mediate these relationships are seldom

Postpartum depressive symptoms in a family perspective : Some indicators, experiences and consequences

Aim: The aim of this thesis was to examine the 1) consequences of maternal depressive symptoms 2-3 months postpartum on parents’ experiences of parenthood at one year and on parent-child