[Postmenopausal osteoporosis treated with acupoint injection of salmon calcitonin:a randomized controlled trial].

  title={[Postmenopausal osteoporosis treated with acupoint injection of salmon calcitonin:a randomized controlled trial].},
  author={Zhihua Zhou and Naiquan Wang and Chao Ding and Xinguo Zhou and Jiawei Zhou},
  journal={Zhongguo zhen jiu = Chinese acupuncture \& moxibustion},
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OBJECTIVE To verify the clinical efficacy on postmenopausal osteoporosis treated with acupoint injection of salmon calcitonin. METHODS Ninety patients of postmenopausal osteoporosis were randomized into three groups, 30 cases in each one. In the acupoint injection group, Shenshu (BL 23) and Zusanli (ST 36) were selected bilaterally. The injection 4 mL was prepared with salmon calcitonin 100 U (1 mL) and 0.9% sodium chloride injection. Each acupoint was stimulated with the injection, 1 mL. In… 

Clinical observation on acupoint injection for back pain in patients with primary osteoporosis

For back pain in elderly patients with primary osteoporosis, based on the routine treatment of oral medication, the clinical efficacy of acupoint injection with salmon calcitonin is more significant than that of intramuscular injection.

The Efficacy and Safety of Traditional Chinese Medicine Tonifying-Shen (Kidney) Principle for Primary Osteoporosis: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials

The meta-analysis provides promising evidence to suggest that using the TS (TK) principle combined with CWM for POP is more effective than using CWM alone and both of them are safe and reliable for POP.

Role of Biomolecules in Osteoclasts and Their Therapeutic Potential for Osteoporosis

The role of molecules, including transcription factors, proteins, hormones, nucleic acids, and non-coding RNAs, play an important role in osteoclast proliferation, differentiation, and function are highlighted in osteoclasts regulation and osteoporosis.

The Development of Molecular Biology of Osteoporosis

This article has focused on molecules that are produced by osteoblasts, osteocytes, and osteoclasts and their mechanism of action on these cells and their mechanisms of action target different molecular aspects of these bone cells to minimize osteoporosis.

Acupoint injection treatment for primary osteoporosis: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.

This meta-analysis and systematic review suggests that acupoint injection improves BMD and some biochemical indicators in POP patients compared with the effects of conventional intramuscular injection, however, the evidence remains inconclusive and future research will be required with improved methodological quality.