• Biology, Medicine
  • Published in Acarologia 1979

[Postembryonic development of Allodinychus flagelliger (Berlese 1910) (Gamasida: Uropodina)].

  title={[Postembryonic development of Allodinychus flagelliger (Berlese 1910) (Gamasida: Uropodina)].},
  author={Françoise Athias-Binche},
  volume={20 1},
Developpement postembryonnaire d Allodinychus flagelliger (berlese 1910) (Gamasida: Uropodina). - In the Massane beech-wood (Pyrenees Orientales, France), Allodinychus flagelliger (Berlese 1910) inhabits the saproxylic biotopes. The morphology of all its stasis was studied and compared with that of two other species previously observed: Polyaspis patavinus (Polyaspidae) et Cilliba cassidea (Cillibidae). Some data compiled in the literature concerning A. flagelliger are given. Several… CONTINUE READING

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