[Postdural puncture headache: diagnosis, prevention and therapy].

  title={[Postdural puncture headache: diagnosis, prevention and therapy].},
  author={Urs Schwarz and Carsten Schwan and Michael Strumpf and Katja Witscher and Michael Zenz},
  volume={13 5},
Lumbar puncture (LP) is a routine technique performed for a variety of procedures, e.g. diagnosis, administration of drugs, myelography and spinal anaesthesia. Postdural puncture headache is a common complication (30-40% in diagnostic LP). Prevention can be accomplished by using small-gauge needles (< or = 25 G) or pencil-point needles (22 G). Therapy should be carried out in a stepwise approach. The first step is bedrest, use of analgetics, i.v. fluids and an adequate guidance of the patient… CONTINUE READING
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