[Post-thyroidectomy hypocalcemia].

  title={[Post-thyroidectomy hypocalcemia].},
  author={Mario Costanzo and Laura Antonella Maria Caruso and Davide Carmelo Messina and Antonino Palumbo and Maria Concetta Arcerito and Matteo Angelo Cannizzaro},
  journal={Annali italiani di chirurgia},
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INTRODUCTION The correlation between hypocalcemia and total thyroidectomy could be correlated to the influence practice from the TSH hormone on the thyroid C cells, in fact in conditions of hyperthyroidism the low values of the thyrotropin is correlated to a reduction of the plasmatic concentration of calcitonin and consequently of calcemia. of our study is verify the incidence of the hypocalcemia post-tyroidectomy and appraise the effectiveness of the pharmacological treatment with calcium… CONTINUE READING