[Post-resection states after surgery for gastroduodenal ulcer disease].


A total of 115 patients with gastroduodenal ulcers submitted to surgery at the Department of Surgery in Hradec Králové between 1975 and 1979 had been reported on retrospectively. Authors emphasized the long term postgastrectomy results providing minimally 10-year-lasted intervals since. After a detailed clinical examination of patients, postgastrectomy… (More)


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@article{mejkal1990PostresectionSA, title={[Post-resection states after surgery for gastroduodenal ulcer disease].}, author={Karel {\vS}mejkal and Brandon A. Konecny and Ladislav Vykouřil}, journal={Sbornik vedeckych praci Lekarske fakulty Karlovy univerzity v Hradci Kralove. Supplementum}, year={1990}, volume={33 2}, pages={107-14} }