[Polyneuropathy in type I multiple endocrine syndrome].

  title={[Polyneuropathy in type I multiple endocrine syndrome].},
  author={Claude Conri and G{\'e}rard Ducloux and Alain Lagueny and M Genesc{\`a} Ferrer and Claude Vital},
  journal={Presse medicale},
  volume={19 6},
Since 1928, approximately 30 cases of peripheral polyneuropathy consecutive to hypoglycaemia caused by insulinomas or islet cell pancreatic tumours have been published. We report a case of polyneuropathy in a young woman presenting with type I multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome including multiple insulinomas and parathyroid adenomas. The predominantly motor polyneuropathy was symmetrical and involved both the upper and lower limbs. Biopsy showed muscular atrophy and, in particular non… CONTINUE READING