[Polymorphisms of HCMV US28 gene of the clinical isolates from children].

  title={[Polymorphisms of HCMV US28 gene of the clinical isolates from children].},
  author={Chang Xia and Rong He and Qiang Ruan and Jin-jin Guo and Qing Zhou Liu and Yao-hua Ji and Hong-bing Wei and Shu-rong Chen and Lan-qing Liu},
  journal={Zhonghua shi yan he lin chuang bing du xue za zhi = Zhonghua shiyan he linchuang bingduxue zazhi = Chinese journal of experimental and clinical virology},
  volume={20 1},
BACKGROUND To study the polymorphism of human cytomegalovirus US28 gene in children and investigate the relationship between the polymorphism and pathogenesis. METHODS The FQ-PCR was carried out to determine the DNA quantity of clinical isolate and then the segmental PCR and HMA-SSCP were performed to test the mutation of US28 gene. The typical isolates… CONTINUE READING