[Polygraphic sleep data in AIDS patients].

  title={[Polygraphic sleep data in AIDS patients].},
  author={St. Kubicki and H Henkes and David M. Alm and W. Scheuler and Hans D. Pohle and Bernhard Ruf and J K{\"o}nneke},
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Somnopolygraphic recordings were registered from 29 patients with AIDS, their age ranged from 20 to 55 years (mean: 40.9; median: 44). The patients represent the full range of cerebral disintegration representing the picture of a progressing destruction of physiological sleep organization. Some disturbances begin quite early and progress successively, such as the reduction of REM- and delta-sleep as well as the reduction of sleep spindle- and K-complex-densities. Other changes are not manifest… CONTINUE READING