[Plasma beta-endorphin and stress hormones in stress and adaptation].

  title={[Plasma beta-endorphin and stress hormones in stress and adaptation].},
  author={Iu B Lishmanov and Zh V Trifonova and A N Tsibin and Larisa Maslova and L. A. Dement'eva},
  journal={Biulleten' eksperimental'noi biologii i meditsiny},
  volume={103 4},
The experiments on white rats have shown that the induction of 4 hour stress produces an acute increase in beta-endorphin level, as well as characteristic changes in ACTH, cortisol, insulin, thyroxin and triiodothyronine concentrations. Different types of adaptation (training with short stress periods or injection of rhodiola rosea extract) promote a moderate increase in the amount of serum immunoreactive beta-endorphin, preventing its subsequent stress-induced elevation. Adaptation is… CONTINUE READING

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