[Pigmented erythroderma in AIDS. 5 cases].

  title={[Pigmented erythroderma in AIDS. 5 cases].},
  author={C Picard-Dahan and Thierry Le Guyadec and Maggy Grossin and N F{\'e}ton and Martine Rapha{\"e}l and A M Simonpoli and B{\'e}atrice Crickx and St{\'e}phane B{\'e}la{\"i}ch},
  journal={Annales de dermatologie et de venereologie},
  volume={123 5},
INTRODUCTION We report five cases of pigmented erythroderma occurring during AIDS, noteworthy for its unusual hyperpigmented feature, its advent at the terminal stages of AIDS, and an CD8 cells dermal infiltrate. PATIENTS AND METHODS It is a retrospective study of five patients infected with HIV: a woman infected by transfusion and four homosexual men, average 55 years old. No one was intravenous drug user. They were all severely immunocompromised; HTLV I/II serology was negative. Skin… CONTINUE READING
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