[Physico-chemical basis of RecA nucleo-protein filament formation on single].

  title={[Physico-chemical basis of RecA nucleo-protein filament formation on single].},
  author={Irina P Bugreeva and Dmitrii V Bugreev and G. A. Nevinskii},
  journal={Molekuliarnaia biologiia},
  volume={39 6},
The analysis of RecA protein playing a central role in homologous recombination of E. coli with single-stranded DNAs of various structure and length on quantitative level is carried out for the first time. It was shown that weak additive interactions between protein monomers of filament and different structural elements of DNA provide DNA recognition. Orthophosphate and dNMPs (I50 = 12-20 mM) were shown to be the minimal inhibitors of RecA filamentation on d(pN)20. The lengthening of… CONTINUE READING
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