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[Physicians in ancient Rome--and the attitude towards them].

  title={[Physicians in ancient Rome--and the attitude towards them].},
  author={Petrine Br{\"o}chmann},
  journal={Dansk medicinhistorisk arbog},
The paper attempts to trace and sketch very briefly the history, role and status of professional physicians in Rome from the 8th to the 3th century BC. The epigrafic sources are even at the best of times meagre and one has to draw heavily upon written sources, especially from the first century AD. A brief sketch of traditional Roman folkmedicine, traces of which still linger in later latin medical literature, and the strong traditions the Romans had of self-care, is given. The Roman public were… 
A Biographical Journey Through the History of Ear Reconstruction
A biographical account of ear reconstruction demonstrates the importance of surgeons as artists, scientists, technicians, politicians, and most importantly carers of this special and fascinating group of patients who benefit from this technically challenging form of reconstruction.