[Phospholipase A2 from rat spleen lymphocytes hydrolyzing arachidonoyl-phospholipids].

  title={[Phospholipase A2 from rat spleen lymphocytes hydrolyzing arachidonoyl-phospholipids].},
  author={E A Slatvinskaia and O R Matyshevskaia and Nataliya Kucherenko},
  journal={Ukrainskii biokhimicheskii zhurnal},
  volume={63 6},
Phospholipase A2 activity in the postnuclear supernatant of lymphocytes has been studied by measuring 14C arachidonate released from labelled phosphatidyl ethanolamine (PE) and phosphatidyl choline (PC) as exogenous substrates. The pH optimum was 7.5-9.0 for PE and 9.0 for PC. Phospholipase A2 was not detected in the presence of 2 mM EGTA. It was optimal with the millimolar calcium concentrations and higher towards PE. Preincubation of lymphocytes with 0.5 M ionophore A-23187 was followed by 2… CONTINUE READING

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