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[Pharmacologic profile of dithiadenoxide, a potential non-sedating H1-antihistaminic].

  title={[Pharmacologic profile of dithiadenoxide, a potential non-sedating H1-antihistaminic].},
  author={Hana Blehov{\'a} and Jan Mety{\vs}},
  journal={Ceskoslovenska farmacie},
  volume={41 6},
Dithiadenoxide, a product of metabolic S-oxidation of the H1-antihistaminic agent dithiaden (bisulepin, Dithiaden), is also an effective histaminic H1-antagonist in pharmacological experiments in in vivo conditions. In contrast to dithiaden, dithiadenoxide exerts a demonstrable inhibitory action as much as the subtoxic or sublethal dosage in experiments in mice and rats. Its acute toxicity in mice and guinea-pigs substantially decreases; acute toxicological findings in rats are not unambiguous…