[Persistence of IgM anti-HAV in prolonged form of HAV-infection].

  title={[Persistence of IgM anti-HAV in prolonged form of HAV-infection].},
  author={Sajma Dautovi{\'c}-Krki{\'c}},
  journal={Medicinski arhiv},
  volume={59 2},
UNLABELLED Persistence of IGM anti-HAV antibody in sera of patients with acute HAV-infection can be followed up to 55 weeks. Available literature does not provide significant information on persistence of IgM anti-HAV antibody in prolonged form of disease. In multi-centric prospective study of the HAV infection prolonged form we have examined persistence of IgM anti-HAV in 30 patients with acute form of disease and 60 patients with prolonged form of disease. The aim of work was to examine… CONTINUE READING