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[Peroxidative effects of tetracycline antibiotics].

  title={[Peroxidative effects of tetracycline antibiotics].},
  author={E. Barnov{\'a} and K. Barna and J. Guzy},
  journal={Casopis lekaru ceskych},
  volume={130 20-21},
After six-day administration of rolitetracycline (RTC) in the cardiac mitochondria of old rabbits the rate of oxygen consumption (glutamate-malate as well as 2-oxoglutarate) declines, while the malonic dialdehyde (MDA) rises. This provides evidence of more intense lipoperoxidation due to rolitetracycline. However, the ATP-ase activity increases and therefore this parameter is unsuitable in this experimental set-up (presence of tetracycline antibiotic) as an indicator of impaired integrity of… Expand
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