[Permanent implant prostate cancer brachytherapy: 2013 state-of-the art].

  title={[Permanent implant prostate cancer brachytherapy: 2013 state-of-the art].},
  author={J M Cosset and Jean-Michel Hannoun-L{\'e}vi and Didier Peiffert and Martine Delannes and Pascal Pommier and Noelle Pierrat and Philippe Nickers and Laurence Thomas and Laurent Chauveinc},
  journal={Cancer radiotherapie : journal de la Societe francaise de radiotherapie oncologique},
  volume={17 2},
With an experience of more than 25 years for the pioneers (and more than 14 years in France), permanent implant brachytherapy using iodine 125 seeds (essentially) is now recognized as a valuable alternative therapy for localized low-risk prostate cancer patients. The possible extension of the indications of exclusive brachytherapy towards selected patients in the intermediate-risk group has now been confirmed by several studies. Moreover, for the other patients in the intermediate-risk group… CONTINUE READING
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