[Peritoneum as a dialysis membrane. I. Physiology].

  title={[Peritoneum as a dialysis membrane. I. Physiology].},
  author={Andrzej Grzybowski and Andrzej K Breborowicz},
  journal={Przeglad lekarski},
  volume={53 7},
The interest in structure and function of peritoneum increased when it turned out that it may be used as biologic dialysis membrane. The structure of peritoneum is of significant value in the course of peritoneal dialysis. The role of the mesothelium, the interstitium, blood and lymphatic capillaries, major constituents of peritoneum, have been deeply studied. Moreover, it is well known that process of dialysis influence the structure and function of different peritoneal elements. Having more… CONTINUE READING

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