• Medicine
  • Published in Arkhiv patologii 1986

[Peripheral cancer of the lung and tuberculosis].

  title={[Peripheral cancer of the lung and tuberculosis].},
  author={I M Kodolova and Eugenia A. Kogan},
  journal={Arkhiv patologii},
  volume={48 3},
Morphological analysis of 90 observations with a clinical diagnosis of a small peripheral lung carcinoma is performed. The examination of an operation material confirmed diagnosis in 71 cases. Tuberculomas are found in 19 cases. The peripheral lung carcinoma was found to develop in 91.5% (65 cases) against the background of preexisting scars which in 73.8% (48 cases) had a post-tuberculosis and 26.2% (17) post-pneumonia origin. Scars were most frequently related to the healed forms of a focal… CONTINUE READING