[Peripheral ameloblastic fibrosarcoma].

  title={[Peripheral ameloblastic fibrosarcoma].},
  author={J. Ph. Dufau and Patricia Paume and Raoulin Soulard and Philippe Gros},
  journal={Annales de pathologie},
  volume={22 4},
We describe the clinicopathological features of a peripheral ameloblastic fibrosarcoma (PAFS) diagnosed in a 89-years-old man with a past history of recurrent peripheral ameloblastoma. Like other peripheral odontogenic tumors, PAFS shows histological features comparable to those of the central intraosseous form, with (fibro)sarcomatous proliferation associated to benign-appearing ameloblastomatous areas. The differential diagnosis must be made with a low-grade spindle ameloblastic carcinoma and… CONTINUE READING