[Perception of parents in experiencing the kangaroo mother method].

  title={[Perception of parents in experiencing the kangaroo mother method].},
  author={Claudia Elisangela Bis Furlan and Carmen Gracinda Silvan Scochi and Maria C{\^a}ndida de Carvalho Furtado},
  journal={Revista latino-americana de enfermagem},
  volume={11 4},
This study aimed at analyzing the perception of pre-term babies' parents in experiencing the Kangaroo Mother Method. It is a descriptive study with a qualitative approach. Data were collected from semi-structured interviews with 10 parents, held in the first 60 days after the discharge of the pre-term baby from the Kangaroo method, in a philanthropic hospital in the interior of São Paulo State. The parents' perception concerning the experience was grouped in four thematic units: making maternal… CONTINUE READING