[Pathomorphology of the lung in severe influenza A/H1N1].

  title={[Pathomorphology of the lung in severe influenza A/H1N1].},
  author={O V Zaĭrat'iants and Aleksandr Cherniaev and Alexander G. Chuchalin and N I Polianko and E I Kelli and K. A. Rogov and L. M. Mikhaleva and Alexander Trusov and M. V. Samsonova and V M Pominal'naia},
  journal={Anesteziologiia i reanimatologiia},
Thirty-five autopsy cases of influenza A/HIN1 in Moscow were analyzed. Primary pathological changes were found in the trachea and lung. The lung showed a pattern of the exudative and proliferative stages of diffuse alveolar damage. In addition, there were signs of infectious-toxic shock associated with viremia, as suggested by pronounced changes in the… CONTINUE READING