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[Participation of the olfactory system in the regulation of food intake].

  title={[Participation of the olfactory system in the regulation of food intake].},
  author={Roger Guevara and David Erasmo Garc{\'i}a-D{\'i}az and L. L. Jimenez-Montufar},
  journal={Gaceta medica de Mexico},
  volume={125 11-12},
          379-83; discussion 384
  • Roger Guevara, David Erasmo García-Díaz, L. L. Jimenez-Montufar
  • Published in Gaceta medica de Mexico 1989
  • Medicine
  • Evoked potentials in the olfactory bulb (OB), lateral hypothalamus (HL) and rostral portion of the nucleus of the tractus solitarius (NTS), were recorded after cervical vagus nerve stimulation. The slow component in the OB only was recorded in the periglomerular layer. Electrolytic lesion of the NTS, abolished the evoked potentials in the OB by vagus nerve stimulation. The results of the present experiments indicate that the pathway from the vagus nerve to OB go into the NTS but probably not… CONTINUE READING

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