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[Parenteral iron substitution for the therapy of anemia in patients under chronic hemodialysis].

  title={[Parenteral iron substitution for the therapy of anemia in patients under chronic hemodialysis].},
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Biomarkers for Assessing and Managing Iron Deficiency Anemia in Late-Stage Chronic Kidney Disease
The literature on the use of newer versus classical laboratory biomarkers of iron status as part of the management strategies for iron deficiency in stages 3–5 CKD patients (nondialysis and dialysis) is summarized.
Serumtransferrin, Eiweißernährung und Eisenstoffwechsel bei chronisch hämodialysierten Patienten
It is concluded that the estimation of protein supply in regular dialysis patients by means of serum transferrin levels must also take into account the condition of the iron metabolism.
Zur Frage der Wirksamkeit einer oralen Eisensubstitution bei Dauerdialysepatienten
Oral iron therapy is a practical means to correct iron dificit safely and effectively in this group of patients and enables thus a prophylactic application and a sufficient amount of iron substitution should be controlled at regular yearly intervals by means of bone marrow smears.
Die Bedeutung der Serumferritinbestimmung zur Ermittlung der Eisenspeicher in der chronischen Niereninsuffizienz
Die Anwendbarkeit der Serumferritinbestimmung als Mas fur den Fullungszustand der Eisenspeicher wird durch eigene Untersuchungen und Literaturdaten auch fur die chronische Niereninsuffizienz belegt.
Iron therapy in patients undergoing maintenance hemodialysis.
  • N. Milman
  • Medicine, Biology
    Acta medica Scandinavica
  • 1976
Oral iron therapy is usually sufficient to maintain an adequate iron balance in dialysed patients and should be preferred to parenteral iron in view of the better utilization and absence of side-effects, and the indication for parenTERal iron should be limited to patients with impaired gastrointestinal iron absorption.