[Parental Distress Caused by Child's Cancer Diagnosis].


INTRODUCTION Considering that parental well-being influences the healing process of a child significantly, the relevance of psychosocial care of parents with children with cancer is obvious. Since the parental distress has hardly been studied in Germany, this study examines the burdens of parents of children with cancer. In addition, it provides a… (More)
DOI: 10.1055/s-0042-101345


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@article{Dietrich2016ParentalDC, title={[Parental Distress Caused by Child's Cancer Diagnosis].}, author={K. Dietrich and Ulrike Leiss and Barbara Griessmeier and A. Wiener and A-C Minetzke-Gruner and David J Linhart and Ralf Braungart and Nicole Graf and G Wevers-Donauer}, journal={Klinische Padiatrie}, year={2016}, volume={228 3}, pages={149-56} }