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[Pareidolia in Beato de Liébana's illuminated Visigothic codes].

  title={[Pareidolia in Beato de Li{\'e}bana's illuminated Visigothic codes].},
  author={A Mart{\'i}n Araguz and M C Bustamante Mart{\'i}nez and V Fern{\'a}ndez-Armayor Ajo and Marta L{\'o}pez G{\'o}mez},
  volume={17 10},
The visual perception alterations constitute a characteristic etymological field in some neurological and psychiatric processes (such as hallucinations, hallucinosis, etc.) that can also appear in healthy people (metamorphosias, pareidolias). The pareidolia is a phenomenon characterized by the non auto-provoked visualization of a perception in which reality and daydream are combined. It constitutes a source of inspiration for different artistic manifestations, is the basis of some common…