[Paraneoplastic hypoglyacemia].

  title={[Paraneoplastic hypoglyacemia].},
  author={Ivana S{\'a}gov{\'a} and Adriana Klimentov{\'a} and Dana Pr{\'i}davkov{\'a} and Daniela Kant{\'a}rov{\'a} and Jurina Sadloňov{\'a} and Peter Galajda and Michal Mok{\'a}ň},
  journal={Vnitrni lekarstvi},
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Paraneoplastic hypoglyacemia (PH) is a relatively rare phenomenon, which may be caused by insulinomas or nonislet cell tumours (NICT). Both types are among the major "fasting" hypoglyacemia as opposed to reactive postprandial hypoglyacemia. The most common group of nonislet cell tumours causing hypoaglycemia are large mesenchymal tumours, which account for… CONTINUE READING