[Paraduodenal internal hernias: clinical analysis of two cases].

  title={[Paraduodenal internal hernias: clinical analysis of two cases].},
  author={Meral Şen and Aydin Inan and Cenap Dener and Mikdat Bozer},
  journal={Ulusal travma ve acil cerrahi dergisi = Turkish journal of trauma & emergency surgery : TJTES},
  volume={13 3},
Paraduodenal hernias, or so called "congenital intraperitoneal hernias"are rare cause intestinal obstruction. These hernias are caused by variations in intestinal rotation and the patients present with symptoms ranging from intermittent abdominal pain to acute obstruction. We report two cases of obstructive paraduodenal hernias which are at left and right each and review of its clinical features and surgical management.