[Ovarian tumors after previous hysterectomy].


UNLABELLED The purpose of that work was to assure the advisability of hysterectomies without adnexes at perimenopausal women and to find the answer if that operation constitutes a form of prevention of ovarian cancer. MATERIALS AND METHODS The patients operated at our ward between 1989 and 2001. All patients that horebun performed hysterectomies without… (More)


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@article{Rogoszewski2004OvarianTA, title={[Ovarian tumors after previous hysterectomy].}, author={Maciej Rogoszewski and Piotr Szuścik and Jakub Grudzień and Janusz Skrobarczyk}, journal={Ginekologia polska}, year={2004}, volume={75 2}, pages={105-10} }